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Grand Piano

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program    

Beginners of all ages will be introduced to the names of the piano keys and begin to read music notation as they play and sing traditional and popular melodies. Hand positions, body posture and breathing awareness will enhance your performing techniques in this fun introduction to piano playing.

  Basic Program    

Children and adults will benefit from this semester that explores a variety of piano music styles and builds upon your knowledge of musicianship and theory. In this sequential program you will play both classical and popular pieces that extend your pianistic ability and introduce a number of important playing techniques.

Some students will also learn to accompany their own singing.

  Advanced Program    

In this comprehensive program, students of all ages will have the opportunity to continue to grow their repertoire and extend their playing in many ways. This may include preparing for piano exams, studying the music of specific composers, enhancing your understanding of musicianship and theory, composing and arranging at the keyboard, accompanying your own singing and improvising for relaxation. This sequential program will assist you to grow from pianist to fully fledged musician.

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